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Still, Halcyon Days of Peace

Let our long war resume—and let it end here

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Name:Barricade [Bayverse]
Birthdate:Jul 4
From Barricade's Teletraan-1 Wiki-
"Barricade is apparently a complicated robot. He's considered "fractious" even by Decepticon standards, yet is willing to give Starscream the benefit of the doubt and follow where he leads, at least for the time being. Though not totally dedicated to the service of the Decepticons' current leader, he is much more cautious and reserved about expressing mutinous dissent than say most. He believes that Starscream is vital in their search for Megatron and the All Spark. In many ways this makes him Starscream's closest ally in the naturally combative Decepticon ranks. Then again, it's been said that he likes to trick people into trusting him, just so he can see their reactions when they find out just how much of a bad idea it was.

If his attitude toward his fellow Decepticons is inconsistent, his attitude toward the Autobots is the same thing: kill all Autobots. Barricade might not be as large as most of his peers, but he is every bit as deadly. He thoroughly relishes every chance in fighting the Autobots. He's smart enough to let one live if he thinks he or the Decepticons can use it to their advantage, but most of the time, they're dead before someone's even thought of a plan."

... of course, considering that most of the remaining Cybertronians consider him dead, he's been laying low. There's no point in revealing himself to either side if they act as usual and try to firebomb him out of existence.

Mostly he has been cruising around North America, staying a carlength or three out of the hands of the Autobots and completely out of the way of the other Decepticons. He's fairly certain that Starscream's wires are cross, if he thinks he's going to run the organization now that Megatron's dead, and doesn't want any part of it. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to run over as many humans as he'd like (it would attract unfriendly attention), but he's okay with that. For now.
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((Barricade belongs to Hasbro, the films belong to Dreamworks, his holoform is Robert Patrick who belongs to himself, the header (and several icons) is from [profile] khalls_stuff, the photo used for the icon "I Fragged Up" is from Katanaz Stock, and this account is for funtiemz RPing.))
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